About Us

GCUK Legal Services Ltd is a London-based firm providing mediation and arbitration and arranging any other legal services between the UK, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.

The great change in Saudi Arabia by adopting Vision 2030 has aimed at moving the Saudi economy beyond oil. This plan parallels Brexit due to which Britain is looking to put into place alternative new deals. The shared vision of KSA and the UK makes clear the growth trend between the UK and KSA.

These two countries will work together more and will be more likely to go into more partnerships. Therefore, GCUK is first choice for businessmen and investors in KSA interested to understand English law. Equally, it is important that the British business men understand what is the legal position in KSA.

Please Note: GCUK Legal Services Ltd provides services of a legal nature but is not a solicitors’ firm. Our bespoke referral service will locate accredited UK lawyers to address your business concerns.